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Project number: CC23.161

Why is grandma so cringe?

The project "Why is grandma so cringe", which focused on raising the awareness of schoolchildren (and their relatives) for the topic of dementia, took place between April 26th and 28th at the Peraugymnasium in Villach.  As part of the project, four workshops were held by the research project DEMEDARTS (FWF PEEK AR-609) under the direction of Univ.Prof. dr Ruth Mateus-Berr, prepared, supervised and carried out. When selecting and developing these workshops, care was taken to provide a range of different media for artistically dealing with the topic of dementia.

Workshop: Lavender Print

At the "Lavender Printing" workshop, memories were transferred and made visible using a special lavender printing technique. This allowed the students to explore their own memories. The focus was on your own ideas, feelings and thoughts.


Workshop: Preserved Stories

The graphic novel "Trubel im Jamjar" on the subject of dementia, which was developed as part of the research project, was presented at the "Preserved Stories" workshop. The story dealt with in the comic was continued by the students and put together in large format, in the sense of a collage. These stories were finally processed three-dimensionally in a jam jar using various materials to create a “memory jam” and preserved for eternity.

2023-04-28 08.46.34.jpg
Workshop: Combining stories

The “Combining Stories” workshop, combined stories and screen printing. Based on the fact that people with dementia often repeat themselves, own Gescpacked into different templates and shapes and combined with the help of screen printing on paper. This resulted in new, exciting stories that were filmed digitally as stop-motion videos. 

"Songs for my Granny"

In the “Songs for my Granny” workshop, simple texts dealing with the topic of dementia were designed. Songs that were performed at the presentation were created from these existing songs.

2023-04-27 11.43.16.jpg
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